2023 Hospitality Resources


General Hospitality Information

As event planners, we know you are tasked with providing all of your guests and clients with the information to help create a memorable and unforgettable experience at the BMW Championship. The information below is intended to help field any questions regarding the tournament, planning and the overall hospitality experience.

Guest List:

  • Begin compiling your guest list 2-3 months prior to the event.
  • Begin creating your invitation 2-3 months before the event.
  • A link to Championship Invitation templates will be available shortly.
  • Four-to-six weeks prior to the tournament, we recommend sending corporate invitations and requesting a hard RSVP two weeks thereafter.
  • After the RSVP deadline, we suggest you reach out to those who have not responded. You can track those guests through the Account Manager to see who has not accepted the tickets and remind them to do so. If their plans have changed, you have the opportunity to send the tickets to the next person on your list.

Shipping Forms:

  • If you are planning on shipping any items prior to tournament week please provide the requested details on the form below and return it to Darby Lillibridge between August 1st and August 12th.
  • On the final day of the tournament, you are welcome to take the remaining items with you as you leave. If there is too much to walk out with, you are welcome to pick up the remaining items the day after the tournament or the tournament staff can ship your items back to you. If you are shipping, please remember your FedEx account number, shipping boxes and tape so you are ready to ship items (if necessary) following the conclusion of play on August 20, 2023. The tournament team will have a FedEx pick up scheduled for Monday, August 21, 2023. If you are picking up your items, please reach out to Darby Lillibridge, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to schedule a pick up time. All items must be picked up by Tuesday, August 22.
  • We will provide a package label for you to use on your boxes. Please utilize these as they will help our staff store your items properly.
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Ticket Management

Distributing Tickets

All tickets for the 2023 BMW Championship will be distributed electronically through Ticketmaster. There will be an online system for issuing and managing tickets. 

Electrionic tickets allow for flexibility as last-minute changes are easy to execute, thereby maximizing your guest count and limiting wasted tickets on guest cancelations. With Ticketmaster, you also have the ability to track tickets and resend if guests can no longer attend the event.

Ticket Distribution Tips:

  • We recommend you distribute your hospitality tickets and parking passes as close to the event as possible to reduce the chance of a lost ticket or a ticket that goes unused due to a guest cancellation.
  • All tickets can be found on the event planner’s account manager. Please let us know who will be managing your ticket distribution as we will communicate instructions to access their Account Manager.
  • When you access your Account Manager, you will be able to transfer tickets and parking passes to your guests, keep track of who you have sent them to and add contacts to an address book
  • The guest will then log into their own Account Manager account and accept the ticket transfer
  • Staff will be available to help answer questions on Account Manager and the transfer process
  • If you do have a cancellation, use your established guest list to redistribute the ticket before the event.
  • Because your tickets will be delivered electronically we recommend creating a guest event package you can send to your guests before they arrive on site. Included in this package could be important documents such as the bag policy, course map, FAQs, and any other information you need to send to your guests for your personal hospitality area.
  • This is also a good time to add in any small gifts you have for your guests that you have purchased.
  • More information and guides on the ticket distribution process are available here.
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Policies and Procedures

Admission Policy

You acknowledge that COVID-19 is extremely contagious and that despite the measures the Tournament has implemented to help mitigate the risk of transmission, the elimination of risk of exposure and infection to COVID-19 is not currently possible.  By entering onto the grounds of the Tournament using this ticket, you acknowledge and agree to the following for yourself and on behalf of any accompanying minor (who shall also be deemed to be “you” for purposes of the following): YOU ASSUME ALL RISK AND DANGER ARISING OUT OF YOUR ATTENDANCE INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, RISKS RELATED TO COVID-19, LOSS OF YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY, INJURY, OR DEATH FROM A GOLF SHOT OR BY OTHER SPECTATORS OR PLAYERS, AND YOU HEREBY RELEASE TOUR, THE HOST ORGANIZATION, THE HOST SITE, TELEVISION BROADCASTERS, SPONSORS, VENDORS AND THEIR RESPECTIVE AFFILIATES, EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS, AND ALL VOLUNTEERS, PARTICIPATING PLAYERS AND CADDIES, FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITIES ARISING OUT OF SUCH LOSSES, INJURIES, ILLNESS OR DEATH. To view the rest of the ticket terms and conditions, click here.

No re-entry:

  • There will be no re-entry into the tournament grounds for ticket holders.
  • Guests may come and go from the hospitality venue with their hospitality wristband, which will be given to them upon their initial arrival to the hospitality venue.
  • When a guest leaves the tournament grounds they will not be able to return with their used ticket. 
  • Hospitality hosts will not be able to come and go from the tournament grounds. If you have multiple hosts working on one day, they will need to have their own ticket to enter the tournament.

Hospitality guest check-in

  • A hospitality ticket will give your guests access to the tournament grounds and your respective area.
  • Hospitality volunteers will be at hospitality entrances to welcome guests who have daily hospitality tickets
  • Once your guest has received their wristband, they will only need to show the wristband to re-enter the venue. They will not need to show both the ticket and wristband to re-enter, the wristband alone will provide them access
  • All guests will be scanned at the main entrance and at the hospitality venue

Hospitality Credential system: ON-COURSE HOSPITALITY VENUES

  • For your benefit, we strictly enforce access to the hospitality venues. Anyone wishing to gain access must have the proper ticket. No exceptions will be made.
  • Please make sure that your company executives and clients have their tickets.
  • Friends of your organization will not be able to enter without a proper ticket to your hospitality venue.
  • Your guests with grounds tickets will not be able to visit your hospitality venue. They will need a proper hospitality ticket to enter your venue.
  • There will be color-specific wristbands at each venue. A ticket and correct color of wristband will be required to access the venue. No other tickets, sticker, pin or button will provide access.
  • Tournament volunteers and security personnel will control access at the entrance to each hospitality venue to make sure that only those with the proper ticket or credential gain access.
  • Your guests will ONLY have access to the venue indicated on their ticket.

Hospitality Credential system: HOST TICKETS

  • Your hospitality package provides host tickets for each day that you are occupying the hospitality venue. These tickets are to be used by those acting as your venue host. Champions Club and Stagg Club clients will receive 1 host ticket. Villas and Skyboxes will all receive 2 host tickets. 
  • Those with host tickets will also receive a host wristband which will allow our staff to identify main contacts for the venue.
  • Also included with your host tickets will be approved electronic device bag tags. These will allow you to bring in a workbag and computer if you need to check in guests or get work done before your guests arrive.

Hospitality Occupancy, Obligations & Rules

Hours of Occupancy:

  • Company shall have the right to occupy the hospitality venue for the days during tournament week as stated in the agreement (approximately one hour before play begins and approximately one hour after play ends). Company will completely vacate the hospitality venue by the end of the period of occupancy with the exception of company staff removing personal property on the last day of the BMW Championship. Company may remove personal property at later times with prior written arrangement.

WGA Obligations to Company:

  • Provide security personnel at the entrance of the hospitality venues.
  • BMW Championship volunteers will greet all guests as they arrive, and act as a concierge for anyone that needs assistance. Each hospitality location will have a “venue captain(s)” that will be your primary point of contact.
  • Furnish janitorial services each night to clean the hospitality venue.
  • Place an appropriate sign bearing company’s name upon entering.
  • WGA reserves the right to remove any person who interferes with others at the BMW Championship and to exercise this authority through its agents or appropriate law enforcement officials.

Rules and Regulations:
Company agrees to abide by the following rules and regulations:

  • Comply with WGA’s daily wristband policy.
  • Do not disturb or interfere with other hospitality venue guests. If you have trespassers in your venue, please let your venue captain know as soon as possible so he or she can take the necessary precautions to remove the individual(s).
  • Only plan events within the venue during hours of occupancy, unless otherwise authorized by the WGA.
  • Use the hospitality venue with the degree of decorum and respectful behavior appropriate for a professional golf championship.
  • Provide each hospitality venue guest with the necessary credential furnished by the WGA.
  • Permit WGA, WGA employees, concessionaires, agents and representatives to have free access to the hospitality venue during tournament week in order to service the area.
  • Surrender the hospitality venue at the end of tournament week and leave the furnishings and amenities in the same condition in which they existed at the date of commencement (ordinary wear and tear expected).
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Electronic Forms

The following forms are available for your convenience. If you require something that is not shown below, please contact Darby Lillibridge (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Event Planner Information Form: This information will be used to communicate all BMW Championship information before and during tournament week. This is especially important for any weather related issues that may result in time sensitive updates during tournament week.

Corporate ID Form: The company name on this form will be used on signage in the hospitality area. Your company name will appear in wordmark in plain black font. No exceptions.

Hospitality Walkthrough Form: The hospitality venues will be open to conduct a final inspection from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday, August 7 - Friday, August 11. Representatives from the championship will accompany each supporter on their site inspection to answer any questions or address concerns.

Other/Miscellaneous Forms:

Credit Card Authorization Form
Package Label 
Inbound Shipping Form
Monthly Planner

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