2023 Tournament Info

Key Hospitality Dates

2023 Hospitality-Specific Dates

The dates below will assist with your planning throughout the next several months. For more dates and deadlines, please refer to the monthly calendar.

March 1 - Event Planner Contact Information
March 30 - Payment Deadline
April 6 - Corporate Kick-Off Event
June 6 & 8 - Corporate Patron Virtual Workshop
June - Begin Compiling Guest List
June 19 - Final Merchandise Order 
June 23 - Corporate ID Form 
June (TBD) - Ticket Distribution 
July 10 - Program Ad Artwork Due 
July 19 & 20 - Ticket Management Webinars 
First Week of July - Begin Inviting Guests 
July 21 - Suggested RSVP Deadline for Guests
Week of July 24 - Distribute Tickets to Guests
August 1 - Venue Walkthrough Forms Due
August 1-13 - Shipments Accepted
August 7 -11 - Venue Walkthroughs
August 15-20 - BMW Championship Week

2023 Schedule of Events

Join in the excitement of the PGA TOUR Playoffs: the BMW Championship at Olympia Fields Country Club in Olympia Fields, IL August 15-20.

Monday, August 14
Closed to the Public
Tuesday, August 15 Professional Practice Rounds
Wednesday, August 16 Gardner Heidrick Pro-Am
Thursday, August 17 BMW Championship Round 1
Friday, August 18 BMW Championship Round 2
Saturday, August 19 BMW Championship Round 3
Sunday, August 20

BMW Championship Final Round

 * All times are CT and subject to change

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BMW Championship Hospitality Frequently Asked Questions

What health and safety guidelines are being implemented?
The health and safety of everyone involved with the BMW Championship is our number one priority. The Championship and the PGA TOUR have an extensive set of COVID-19 health and safety measures implemented in conjunction with CDC guidelines to promote a safe environment and quality experience on the golf course. Read the PGA TOUR guide to fan safety here.

What is the suggested attire?

Golf attire is suggested (jeans are permitted) and comfortable walking shoes. Remember that this is a walking event, so we suggest comfortable clothing.  A jacket is suggested in case the weather turns cool. Be prepared for any inclement weather.

Are there any restrictions for bags?
Yes, the tournament will only allow opaque bags in that are smaller than 6” X 6” X 6” and clear bags smaller than 12” X 6” X 12”. All bags will be subject to be searched. Please see the attached bag policy for a more in-depth description.

As a Host, I will be there all day and need to work. Can I bring my computer with me? Is there an area for me to work?
Yes, hosts will be allowed to bring in a computer bag and computer. All hosts will be provided with bag tags that will allow computers through the gates. There will be a different color bag tag each day, so please be sure to have the correct color for the day. The bag tags and schedule will be sent to you this summer. Yes, there will be an area for you to work. Each private venue will have a four foot table that you can utilize as you choose.

I would like to bring in giveaway items for our guests. Am I allowed to bring those items when I arrive?
You are more than welcome to provide giveaway items for your guests. Any items that you would like to have available in your venue MUST be sent or dropped off prior to the start of Championship week. You will not be allowed through the gates with anything other than a bag. We will have storage units at each venue to store your items each night. Please contact Darby Lillibridge, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  with any questions on getting these items to Olympia Fields Country Club.

I will need to the be there every day to check in our guests. Do I need to use one of our alloted tickets?
As the hospitality host, you will receive an additional "host" ticket so that you do not have to use one of the tickets alloted for your guests. If there is more than one host throughout the week, please let Darby Lillibridge know and she can determine your specific need.

One of my guests can only be there for half the day. Can I take their ticket and have someone else use it for the rest of the day?
No. All tickets are assigned to a guest and once they have been scanned, they cannot be scanned again. If you would like to have another person attend that day, you will need to purchase an additional ticket.

How do my guests find information on the tournament?
Please click here to access spectator information. 

How do guests get to the tournament?
Please click here for parking and transportation information.

BMW Owners’ Parking
Please visit the Spectator Information page for BMW Owners' parking information.

When will tickets be available to distribute?
Tickets will be loaded into your Account Manager in early July. We will send out information on how to access your tickets once they are available. Once they are available on your account, you can distribute to your guests.

How will tickets be distributed?

All tickets will be distributed electronically. The person who will be managing tickets will have all their company’s tickets loaded onto their account. They will be able to collect names and emails in order to transfer tickets to guests. We will be hosting ticket management webinars in July with an in-depth walkthrough of the ticket distribution process. Also, more in depth information on the mobile ticket distribution process can be found here.

One of our guests is no longer able to attend. Can we give the ticket to someone else?
If your guest can no longer attend, you can certainly use that ticket for someone else. Since the tickets are electronic, you can retrieve the ticket from the guest that can no longer attend and send it to the next person.

What do we do if we need additional tickets?
Additional tickets will be launched on July 20. When tickets become available, you will be able to order additional tickets at any time leading up to and during the tournament. To order additional tickets, please reach out to Darby Lillibridge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What happens if we need an additional ticket on a day of the tournament?
We know that there may be a need for a day of ticket and we are happy to accommodate. If you do need a ticket day of, please contact Darby Lillibridge or your venue captain and they will process the request. As tickets are electonic, they will be delivered to you or your guest instantly. 

What do we do if there is inclement weather?
The PGA TOUR will have a meteorologist on site, monitoring the possibility of inclement weather. If inclement weather is approaching, warning signs will be posted on leaderboards throughout the course. WGA staff will provide you with updates as they come in. Staff will also send out email updates, so please make sure you check your email in order to inform your guests.

How do guests check in?
All hospitality guests will be scanned at the Main Entrance and again at the hospitality venue. When they are scanned at the hospitality venue, they will be given a colored, day specific wristband, which allows them to re-enter the venue without showing their ticket again. Tickets are venue specific, so the ticket will only allow guests onto the grounds and into the venue listed on the ticket. Everyone must have a ticket for that venue to enter.

Can I bring my child into the venue?
Children are allowed onto the grounds for free, with a ticketed adult. Children will need a hospitality ticket to get into the venue. You will need to purchase an additional ticket for any child that will be entering the venue with their parent.

How will guests find our venue?
The course will have directional signage leading to the hospitality venues. Course maps will be available upon arrival to the course, but you may share a course map with your guests as well to help them plan prior to arriving. Each venue will have an entrance board with a list of the companies, so they will be able to see they are in the right spot. There will also be volunteers helping to guide your guests to the proper venue.

Will there be WiFi on site?
Yes, there will be WiFi available on the tournament grounds. Your venue captain and staff representative will have the password. 

Are there charging stations?
Charging stations will be available in all venues.

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